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Rarely has the woman happiness saved the most helpless section of a society in a way seen in the “untouchable” leprosy sufferers of Pakistan. These deserted people lie physically, socially, and materially in the lowest possible depth. Providence acts in its own way, when human hopes go back, and so Dr. Ruth Pfau. The German Christian missionary was on a medical mission on the way to India and had only stopped in Karachi to change planes. Her Indian visa was delayed, she was playing around the leprosy patients in Karachi. This was their introduction to Pakistan. More precisely, this was when she first came into contact with her lasting love; The so-called “lepers”.

A look at her need and her mind was made. She promised to help the leprosy patients throughout Pakistan (and Afghanistan). She has fully honored her word and almost one-handed cleansed the land of leprosy 50 years later. The effort was never given to all the awards and acclamations to which it was given by a grateful Pakistani nation. The effort was motivated by the love of the Almighty and his people. The announcement of the Minister of State for Dr. Pfau was best suited to the Prime Minister, as was the tribute of the army. This is an opportunity where all Pakistanis are on the symbolic “same side”.

State examination for Dr. Ruth Pfau in Karachi
I was very happy, Dr. Peacue for almost three decades in relation to their mission. Even though I have met some of the greatest names of the last quarter of the 20th century from different spheres, including Nelson Mandela, Edhi Sahib and Princess Diana (sadly I did not meet Mother Teresa), but my greatest hero would always be Dr. Pfau I remained with their committed efforts in the Malakand Division, the tribal areas and then in Gilgit-Baltistan. She impressed all by her loving care for those who were affected by leprosy, if most would not even see, let alone touch, those unfortunate people.

One of his stories, I heard someone. In a specific district, a correct cave of emotion placed in a nearby cave is to prevent spreading the spread of disease. The food was not enough than the left. His hair was full of rice, while betting and insects were cabbage. Enter our heroine, he washed and cleaned, feeded it, and treated it easily. Allah has cured him. If there is a better example of wine, a great process, please notify me properly.

I want to see the following lines regarding the doctor. Love my next book By the way, I already asked her to be a guest special at the beginning for a few months. Now I just have to solve their memories.

“The biggest person I ever remembered was a meeting and a German doctor Ruth Katherina Pfau, who was later convinced by my Adelaide Center, was convinced to kill his life and Pakistan’s emotional emotion. Is my hero and it is a little unanimous that we wanted to break this journey in Karachi on the way of Bombay in 1960. On 9th September, the birth of our birth has shared, but the Indian bureaucracy decided to live and work in Pakistan In spite of the discomfort, and in a sense, we are a ray because our bureaucracy can not reach alone, which was for the discomfort of Indian Bureaucracy. When she was the most of her life in Pakistan, I asked him once again, one thing in Pakistan V Oakak was that he was sad, he thought ” It was actually a problem “, because people are first standing by their word. For most Pakistanis, a promise or commitment is being promised and never actually is being prosecuted. And available, but most Pakistanis are not expected to follow their promises. There is never a word. A last word about the doctor may be okay. On celebrating a golden birthday of a successful war against emotion in Swat, the honorable citizen of Prime Minister Mir Afzal Khan, who insists with a lunch with bread, water, pulses (bread, water) with only one all Guests pay for dinner. This was just one function I’ve seen. When will we learn this beautiful art?

Mir Adided Leopard Center Makes the Disease of the Disease Pain Roth

Pakistan promises its most important daughter, when I hope that the name of his name in Gilgit-Baltia and his three-year-old medical center will take place in K-P from illegal property.

It is strange that Monak, our great hero, a woman, and the minority community – has been denied full rights here in two parts. White can get more importance in the flag because Pakistan gets 70 years old. We do not lose their inheritance. Let’s get his strategy stock and start a new place where the doctor goes away. Mary Adelaide Center has to do more work.

Azhar Muzaffar s a well know expert in delivering health and food news to few famous sites and now it is our honor thay we have Azhar Muzaffar in our team, He is most likely to be posting news on food and health related,

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Azhar Muzaffar s a well know expert in delivering health and food news to few famous sites and now it is our honor thay we have Azhar Muzaffar in our team, He is most likely to be posting news on food and health related,

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