Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Resources To Prevent

The Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa government finally came out of its deep slumber and began to hold emergency meetings by taking all the stakeholders to better deal with the epidemic of the Dengue virus in the provincial capital and its suburbs.

Dengue has claimed five lives and infected more than 4,000 people so far, said government officials.

The government at the same meeting kept the authorities of all public hospitals in the provincial capital from sharing any information about Dengue and their victims with the print and electronic media.

The Government has empower Deputy Commissioner Peshawar to publish information on the issue to the media. Provincial Health Minister Shahram Tarakai chaired the meeting.

In the meeting were also the hospital hospital hospitals, including the Lady Reading Hospital (LRH), the Khyber Teaching Hospital (KTH) and the Hayatabad Medical Complex (HMC), the high ranking officials of the health department, the district Nazim Muhammad Asim Khan and the Local PTI deputies.

The health minister criticized the Pakistani Moscow League-Nawaz provincial president Amir Muqam for allegedly having health problems such as Dengue epidemic for political point-scoring.

He said Amir Muqam instead of criticizing them, should provide an uninterrupted power supply to the people of KP, and especially the inhabitants of Tehkal in Peshawar, where he said that people had 20 hours ago power loaddeing.

“When the federal government in KP and above all in Peshawar burdened the power, the inhabitants of Tehkal will sleep well in the nets in the open and will remain safe from mosquitoes,” said the minister.

Shahram Tarakai advised the media mainly TV channels to stop from the creation of unrest among the masses through sensational coverage of the outbreak of the dengue virus in the province.

The health minister said the CP government had all the resources to cope with the situation after the outbreak of the Dengueck, and it would definitely need support from the federal and Punjab government if necessary.

It was decided that only the deputy official would release office information on Denguee, his victims, and provincial government efforts to the media.

District Nazim Muhammad Asim said that officials of the three tertiary care hospitals as well as other neighborhoods with complete details and information about the daily activities come to a meeting, which takes place every day at 16 clock in the control room in DC office.

“The situation is not so much alarming, but there was a communication gap in the past. Now we have bridged this gap and media will receive authentic information,” said the Nazim district.

He said the provincial government released on Saturday it released Rs10 million on an emergency basis for the purchase of drugs such as larvicides, pesticides and some mosquito repellent lotion free of charge among the poor inhabitants of five trade union councils.

The Nazim said they had already provided Rs1 million to the district health officer and published Rs5 million for the procurement of drugs and other necessary items to eliminate Dengue virus.

“Since the problem is in five city council administrators, we have made a plan for the goal. We mobilized 2000 lady health workers and other staff for door-to-door campaigns as people mostly needed awareness rather than drugs to avoid this disease “Said the Nazim. He said the provincial government had promised to provide them with Rs300 million as additional funds if the situation did not come under control.

Meanwhile, patients visited various hospitals with symptoms near dengue fever.

According to sources, dozens of patients were taken to the Khyber Teaching Hospital and Hayatabad Medical Complex (HMC). So far, 150 patients with Dengue virus were diagnosed with treatment in KTH and eight in HMC.

Officials said that in addition to Tehkal, patients from other areas such as Mohallah Gujran Charanda, Mohallah Daudzai, Tehkal Payan, Pishtakhara, Bala Kanday, Chato Pump and Warsak Road in Peshawar were also taken to the KTH and diagnosed with Dengue virus.

Since July, the KTH administration received 3980 patients with symptoms similar to dengue fever and 614 of them were diagnosed with Dengue virus.

Azhar Muzaffar s a well know expert in delivering health and food news to few famous sites and now it is our honor thay we have Azhar Muzaffar in our team, He is most likely to be posting news on food and health related,

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Azhar Muzaffar s a well know expert in delivering health and food news to few famous sites and now it is our honor thay we have Azhar Muzaffar in our team, He is most likely to be posting news on food and health related,

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