For more than 25 years, QuickEasyRecipes has been at the forefront of healthy nutrition. We publish an award-winning magazine and website with delicious recipes, scientific journalism and inspiration to help you make better choices each day and celebrate the pleasures of eating. We are about moderation and balance – not strict rules or diets – because to become healthy food into a lifestyle, it should be accessible, sustainable, inspiring and above all delicious.
Good taste
We test our recipes in the QuickEasyRecipes test kitchen. Before we publish a prescription, it must meet three criteria. Firstly, it must taste good. Next, it must meet our nutritional parameters. And finally, it must be reliable – which means when you do it at home, the recipe is easy to follow and it works. Every time

Sound Health

We report the latest news on diet and health and provide practical, scientific answers to help you make decisions about how to eat.
We examine the relationships between food, how they cultivate and produce and their impact on the communities and the environment, to help you make sustainable food choices.